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Miss Maggie may



** Hello Gentlemen

I offer Delightful Relaxation Sessions: I take pleasure in indulging each other. I am based in Kingston . You might appreciate knowing that I am discreet, approachable, down to earth, attractive, luscious, flirtatious, respectful, mature and sincere. I very much enjoy the many pleasures of a gentleman's company.

*** I would be delighted to have you over , and help make your day or night absolutely wonderful. If you'd like a break in the middle of a stressful day or are ready to relax at the end of a busy day, I have the flexibility to accommodate your schedule needs.


*** My sessions are indulgent and versatile: be it Classic Companionship or Soothing Massage or Potent Remedy for your Kinky Cravings. Shaped by the chemistry between you and me, sessions range from relaxing to frisky, from quiet contemplation to lively discussions, from pampering to adventurous.

*** And whether your wish is Short and Sweet Treat or a bit more substantial (few hours?...) Plump and Delicious Indulgence

*** If you would like to inquire about an arrangement, please leave me a (preferably voice) message at 613-331-3255 or text I will call you back as promptly as possible!!! *** I look forward to hearing from you wonderful gentelmen xox



Rob (27.06.2024)
Where are u located?
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Maggie May
Hello there I am in Kingston on Nelson street
Vennessa (06.05.2024)
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Vennessa (05.05.2024)
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josie Jones (04.05.2024)
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Doug (11.03.2024)
Maggie is the most thoughtful, caring and beautiful person inside and out. Plus very highly skilled in her profession. Gentleman, please don't wait to call Maggie, you definitely won't regret it.
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Matt (14.07.2023)
U up? Wanna get together? For some fun . I have to talk by email
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Giovanni Italian (06.12.2022)
I need u in black nylons come to my.condo in rdp I pay u once I fuck u for 1 hour
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Rex (27.06.2022)
Hi there Maggie. Do you have any time available tonight
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John (10.02.2021)
I agree with all the comments from u guys. She is a mature sexy off the scale women. Maggie always make a man feel like a real man.treat this woman with respect and dignity. Maggie will pleasure you so. All your others will be patheticaly Pale by comparison. You will see. She is a man's ultimate dream.
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Steve (17.12.2020)
I would like to spank you
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Steve (03.08.2020)
how hard can you take it?
please let me know
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Maggie May
Hi there and I think you mean how hard can YOU take it?
Will (09.11.2019)
Looking for a first time hand spanking followed hy a brush.always fantasized older women spanking me im 46 and think its time
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Maggie May
Hello there and i can do that for you , just let me know when you would like to come see me ?
Stuie (09.06.2019)
Great experience does not disappoint
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Stuie (30.05.2019)
Hi babe can't wait to hookup again soon you are the most professional and honest escort hands down.
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jason smith (28.05.2019)
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Coded runs
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Gregsams (22.11.2015)
Hi bb u around? I am if u want to meet up
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Maggie: Where is your wish list?
OMG!! Can\'t wait to get back to Kingston to see you again. Very talented, sensuous and passionate lady.
Sandra Marlen
I recommend pass in the web https://sexocio.com its ok
Thanks for the article!
She fucked my ass so hard
Johnny smith (19.11.2015)
Traveling through your area next wk. would love to here more about your new sideline
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Maggie May
Hello there . And its a B.D.S.M service I have added , its a role play that I do as a Domiantrix . I have just recently added a dungeon , mind you its all in play I am not a real Dom , just so you know . I do have a strap on , and I offer force face sitting , corporal punishment, paddling, colour and leash training , pegging , feminising humiliation. And a few more fun toys in my dungeon . Along with myself dressed up in full pleather and thigh high boots , gloves , and masks and a mask for you . My h/h rate is 120.00 and the hour is 220.00 .. hank you and I look forward to your reply ............. Mistress May xxx
hey really miss fucking you, been trying to get $ to see you. I can\'t wait if your free and wanna hang maybe we can work something out
Terry Kulczycky
Hi mistress Maggie, everything you are is perfect. It would definitely help me changing all the ways I need. If you can just let me know when I can start worshipping and learning from you. I\'ve wanted this since I was probably 10 years old I never had the confidence try accomplish the real me with someone who I can call a real me God not you\'d fake one who basically have me a body and family who can\'t understand everyone over me from you never questioning and just compliance Trust and love. Here\'s my phone number 647-772-5729 I\'m hoping we can have a fixed schedule so you\'ll get any money you want and I will literally I worship the ground you stand on. ONLY A REAL GODDESS GIVEs LIFE
chris (05.11.2015)
Hi Maggie. I've tried getting ahold of you lately. Are you still around Kingston? Just wondering when you're available?
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Maggie May
Hi there . And yes I am around still , I was just taking a couple of weeks off , while I had y bedroom fully renovated . And I am not on back page right now , mainly because their way of payment , to post myself up is completely ridiculous and stupid .. Anyways I can be reached still on my cell 613-331-3255 . I look forward to hearing from you .. xoxo
Heey Maggie hru
Wats have you been up to lately give me a
Tim (17.10.2015)
Hey Maggie! Are you available today? Your very sexy ;)
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Jim (25.09.2015)
Hi Maggie hru beautiful? I'm working all weekend but I am off Monday, would you be available then? What are your rates?
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Maggie may
Hello there Jim , And yes i am available on Monday .And my rates are on my rate and services page . If you prefer to ask me in person please feel free to contact me at my number 613-331-3255.. Thank you xox
Hello Maggie do your discounts apply to role play sessions
Maggie May
Hello there . And no I am sorry role playing is not included in my specials
slave rico
i have yet to meet you and when I do, you will want to own me and use me for your pleasure. You have a great body and love to satisfy your needs, wants and desires. You dress for the kill and I be honored to take you shopping for more sexy outfits. Oh by the way, I am moving to Kingston, being transferred from work near the end of March.


If you want more information, do not hesitate to call me or send me a message